Laser Gum Treatment
Good News about GUM DISEASE!   


If you or someone you care about has serious gum disease you already know that it can lead to tooth loss. But most people feel that the cure is worse than the disease. With scalpels, stitches, pain and the unsightly loss of gum tissue it certainly isn’t fun.

But now there is an FDA approved, highly effective, painless solution. It involves laser assisted gum treatments. Dr. Elmore is one of the first dentists in the state of Washington to have undergone extensive training at the prestigious Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (I.A.L.D.) in California. He is well versed in the use of the Periolase laser (Millennium Dental Technologies) and the Laser ANAP procedure.

The treatments consist of moving an extremely thin laser tip within the small space between the tooth surface and the gum tissue. The precisely controlled laser energy vaporizes bacteria and toxins within the pocket and stimulates healing. This tilts the balance in favor of your immune system so that your body can regenerate lost tissue. In this newly sterilized site, Dr.Elmore consistently sees re-growth of lost support  tissue (including bone!) and best of all, minimal shrinkage so that you can hardly tell anything was done. Most patients don’t even need to take pain pills after the procedure! You can treat your whole mouth in 2 simple appointments, and the cost is less than traditional surgical treatment.

So don’t be afraid. This is truly easy and cost effective.  Dr. Elmore and his staff would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.